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Friday 12th – The Time Machine Quest

On Friday say goodbye to 2015 and get on a time machine that will take you and your team through 6 different ages of History. Our oracle gate will send you jumping roles in time: from being a roman gladiator, to a ruthless Cold War spy or a clan warrior in an apocalyptic future, Mad Max style.

You will fight like sumos, build an Egyptian raft to sail across the pool, dance to 60′s hippy rhythms and fight the definite World War laser tag, among many other exciting levels. Up to 18 different games to test your abilities inside this real life video game.

Every moment in History will have three obstacles that you and your team will work together to achieve. The tokens that you earn will be brought to back to the Oracle and exchanged for lives, weapons, or tips to guide you through the upcoming stations. The better you play, the more tokens you’ll get and the higher your chances to be the winning team!

It’s a thrilling trip through time, where your skills and your intelligence as tribe will be put to test through land and water. You will be throwing arrows, solving puzzles or diving deep into the water for clues. You will have to fight your opponents in physical combat, but also try your luck at sports or find a stragtegy to outsmart your opponent.

Each of the people on the winning team will receive an award and a very cool present! And the rest of the participant will also be rewarded for sweating their shirts through History!

And, to recover, we’ll have a midday break for paella, pool time and music :)