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Welcome to the second edition to the Madrid MiM Games! Students and alumni from around the world gather to celebrate a memorable weekend of advenure, games, sports, parties, food, thrill and fun!! When? June 11th to 13th 2015

Thank you all for coming! Stay tuned for our 2016 events…



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Thursday, June 11th

The weekend begins with a welcome cocktail in one of the trendiest clubs in Madrid. Make connections, meet new friends, start gathering your team for next day or just relax and enjoy a beer and a bite to eat!.

Friday June 12th

Be a real life adventure hero! Get ready for a thrilling quest in our time machine! You and your team will solve mysteries, look for clues, fight your opponents, overcome the obstacles, play in surreal scenarios, show your skills and help your team win this epic mission. If you ever dreamed of being Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, this is your chance to lead the search!

Some of the activitites will take place in Europe’s biggest swimming pool. It’s the size of 5 Olympic size pools and yeah, it’s open all day!

Because even heroes have to eat, we’ll stop halfway through our time travels and come back to Spain for lunch, including a traditional paella and many other local entrées (vegetarian dishes too)

When the crusade is over, we’ll finish the day with a well deserved cocktail where the warrior winning team will be announced and rewarded for their victory!

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Saturday June 13th

Today is your chance to take a run on the wild side and test your skills as a real torero (with young bulls, not as dangerous!). Welcome to the capea, one of Spain’s favourite group celebrations.

From Madrid to the country, we’ll be spending the day in a small cattle ranch about 40 min from Madrid with a real bullring and a swimming pool for chilling after lunch!

But it’s not all action, there’s time for eating, drinking, playing and even learning the basic flamenco moves to impress those back home!

To gather strength and loosen up before you hit the arena, we’ll have a country lunch washed down by fresh beer and local sangria

At the end, awards to those who showed their true torero colors!!

The Grand Finale

This year we're having a very special party tonight where YOU are the star. Pick a song from our extensive list, rehearse it at home, alone or with a friend or your best buddies, and ... jump on stage with our band to perform like the true rockstar at heart that you are! It's going to be legendary and you'll get your professional video taken. Can it be cooler?

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